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   1.- ABOUT US

SHOES PHOTO TREND (Design Press) is the most powerful and important company in the global market for everyone looking for information in the form of photographs about fashion trends in the footwear and handbag industries. Our Photo Collections are essential for manufacturers, designers, import/export companies, professional dealers, personal shoppers, wholesalers and retailers, fashion shops, etc.

23 years making Photo Collections of shoes, handbags and accessories, always with the most advanced techniques, back SHOES PHOTO TREND (Design Press) up and makes us one of the main portals to visit when seeking fashion and trends information in the form of photographs of all kinds of shoes for women, men and children, as well as handbags and accessories that can be found in the main fashion cities around the world.

A team of professional fashion designers, artists and photographers, with expertise in the latest trends on the fashion industry and with knowledge of the most important creative elements of this industry are in charge of the photographs.

The photographs are taken in the most important fashion cities in the world (over 30 in Europe, Asia and America), within the most advanced fashion circles: Milan, Paris, London, New York, Rome, Florence, Berlin, Miami, Bercelona, Las Vegas, Moscow, Düsseldorf, Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and more. In these cities, the main areas and the best and most select and luxurious shops are selected, as well as showrooms, department stores, fairs and expos for large companies.

The first issue of the SHOES-PHOTO-TREND (Design Press) Photo Collections appeared in 1990. A 23-year experience which, thanks to the good work of our experts, has made us number one sellers of photographs of footwear, handbags and accessories.

The PHOTO COLLECTIONS are purchased by manufacturers and designers of footwear, handbags and accessories, import/export companies, professional dealers, personal shoppers, wholesalers and retailers, fashion shops and, in general, every fashion professional looking for the most complete and up-to-date information to help them carry out their activity and make their new catalogues with the confidence of having the maximum amount of information possible and the best image quality.

There are 4 different formats to get our PHOTO COLLECTIONS:

1.- PHOTO ALBUM: The classic choice. You will receive an ALBUM with 400 photographs with the maximum quality of 15x10 cm. for each Photo Collection chosen. The photographs are not printed, but stored in sheets, so that you can take them in and out and work with them separately or with those that you need in any given situation.

2.- PHOTO BOX: You will receive a BOX with the 400 photographs of 15x10 cm. for each Photo Collection chosen.

3.- USB Flash PEN DRIVE : You will receive a USB Flash Pen drive with the 400 photographs for each Photo Collection chosen.

4.- DOWNLOAD: You can download in a matter of minutes directly from your computer the 400 photographs of the Photo Collections chosen.

The delivery time to your domicile when the purchased items are ALBUMS, BOXES or USB Flash Pen Drives is approximately 3 or 4 days after we are aware of having received the payment in any of the three available methods.

For the ONLINE DOWNLOAD option, the time will be only a few minutes. After filling the order forms and completing the payment process, as soon as we are aware that the payment has been made, you can proceed with your download.


You can choose from 15 different Photo Collections each season; 8 of women’s footwear, 4 of men’s footwear, 1 of children’s footwear, 1 of handbags and 1 of accessories.

It is important to notice that in the Summer season there will be 3 Photo Collections of Sandals for Women and 1 Photo Collection of Sandals for men, and in the Winter season, instead of sandals, there will be 3 Photo Collections of Boots for women and 1 Photo Collection of Sandals for men.

8 for Women: Boot Elegant - Boot Casual - Boot Urban - Women Elegant - Women Casual - Women Classic -  Women Semisport - Ballerinas.

4 for Men: Men Classic - Men Casual - Men Boots - Sneakers (unisex).

1 for Children.

1 for Bags.

1 for Accesories.

Each Photo Collection contains 400 totally different photographs.

There are 4 editions per year:

2 editions for the Spring/Summer Season: (the first one in early March and the second one in early April).

2 editions for the Autumn/Winter Season: (the first one in early September and the second one in early October).

In addition to our online shop, you can find the photo collections in the main footwear industry fairs (MICAM, GDS, LINEAPELLE, EXPORIVA GARDA, etc.).

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As soon as your order is sent, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address that you have indicated in your application. The confirmation will contain a tracking number that you can use to track your order.

It is possible that these emails do not arrive to your “Inbox”, since some Internet services classify them as spam. We suggest you to always check the “Spam” folder of your email account.